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Excel International, Inc, a United States company with headquarters in Leesburg, Virginia, (located within the midst of the Washington D.C. trade corridor), is characterized by a realistic and unique approach to the promotion of world trade.

Over the past fifty years, the size of the world economy has exploded and the volume of international trade with it. Whether it is oil production or refinery development, commodities trading, finance, marketing or logistics, Excel International's expertise in foreign trade can help businesses, large and small, take advantage of profitable opportunities in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Excel family is proud to achieve one of the highest levels in USA trade and innovation.

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With integrity, innovativeness, we are customer-driven, and service-oriented. The qualities continually drive Excel to achieve greater success throughout its TWENTY SEVEN (27) YEARS history; providing the highest quality products to global markets. Excel is at the forefront of introducing innovative goods and services to a multitude of countries around the world.  We continue to lead the way in offering revolutionary products and systems that have made significant positive impacts in their respective industries.  Together with our subsidiaries and our team members, we will continue to provide the best quality products that are ranked at the top of our respective markets. Our operations always remain efficient and adhere to the highest levels of integrity. And as we continue to expand our operations with excellent partners, they surely will achieve solid growth as well as long-term success

We at Excel are experts at helping customers navigate through the many processes, agencies, and regulations that can stand in the way of global trade. At the heart of our organization is a global network of representatives and relationships with individuals and affiliated organizations. In moving into the global market, small and large companies are often reacting to foreign challenges. Excel International Consultants’ network of managers negotiates workable partnerships with foreign firms, thereby getting through much of the “red-tape” that companies often face when trying to do business abroad.

Teaming with Excel International Consultants means you are assured a partner that will work diligently so you have all the resources, be they financial, technological, developmental or managerial, to help you achieve your goals. And at Excel International Consultants we also realize trade and development extend beyond order fulfillment. Clients deserve superior personal service and trading support. With Excel International you’ll get that and more.


Businesses in today’s global market need partners who can talk about strategy, finance and technology in the same conversation. At Excel International Consultants, we are experts at finding and sourcing buyers and sellers. Our cross-industry, cross-world consulting services help you craft a vision for your organization and then provide a specific practical business and technology framework that will make that vision a reality.


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