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What is DatiSweet?

It's a new powerful dates liquid sugar, with a low Glycemic Index.

DatiSweet is a very good substitute for table sugar for anyone who wants to limit their sugar consumption.


50g of DatiSweet 
can replace 
100g of table sugar.



Is it good for me?

The sugars contained in DatiSweet have extremely low glycemic levels, allowing to have a strong sweet taste without all the disadvantages of white sugar and the diseases that can result from it.

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Moderation is key.

The American Heart Association recommends 100 calories or less from sugar each day for women, and 150 calories or less from sugar each day for men.


How to use it ?

Because of its nutritional qualities, its high sweetening power, its light color and its neutral taste, it is used as a substitute for white sugar in all cold or hot preparations.

Easy to use in cake dough, it is particularly excellent for sweetening your tea, coffee, yogurts or white cheeses. In addition, you can also use it for cooking and baking.


DatiSweet benefits

1. Prevent Caries

Dental Caries: the only proven health risk of nutritive sweeteners at typical consumption levels is dental caries. DatiSweet is among the least cariogenic of the nutritive sugars.

2. Sweetness

DatiSweet is the sweetest of all nutritive sweeteners. The sweetness of DatiSweet is 2 times that of sucrose, depending upon the food or beverage in which it is used.

3. Flavor Enhancement

Datisweet sweetness perception peaks and falls earlier than glucose and sucrose, “unmasking” fruit and spice flavors.


4. Ingredient Synergy

The interaction of DatiSweet with other sweeteners and starches results in a synergy that boosts the sweetness, cake height (baked goods) and viscosity of foods and beverages.

5. Shelf-stability

DatiSweet does not hydrolyze in acidic conditions like sucrose does, so finished product sweetness and flavor are stable over extended storage times.

6. Humectancy

DatiSweet binds and retains moisture so well that it can replace sorbitol and glycerin in foods, thereby improving taste.

7. Surface Browning

A major appeal of baked and roasted foods is the pleasing brown surface color and alluring aroma, produced by a chemical reaction. DatiSweet is the most highly reactive simple sugar.

8. Frozen Applications

DatiSweet maintains the integrity of frozen fruit by controlling water and preventing damaging ice crystal formation that can destroy fragile fruit tissue.



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