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"Seeing is Believing”, however in ExcelAgs’s case, “Seeing is Curing”!


Introducing Excel Aid Guiding Systems “ExcelAGS” systems that are a non-contact, non-invasive aiding guiding method for study human and animal body temperature. Therefore infrared “ExcelAGS” finds increasing application in clinical medicine. Excel Aid Guiding Systems "ExcelAGS" has been established as our brand for the sole purpose of providing the state-of-the-art tools to assist the medical field in discovering the unknown of our human body.

Excel family is proud to achieve one of the highest levels in the USA trade and innovation. Excel is the pioneer of the Water Generators (generating pure potable water from the air) which again emphasis on a healthy living for all human race. 



ExcelAGS - Technology

This technology has been invented in the 60s however it has been very primitive in addition the pictures interpretation was totally inaccurate.  Now, we are putting all state-of-the-art technology to utilize this technology is the very accurate way possible giving a piece of mind to whoever utilize as an a tool for aiding guiding system that contribute to health maintenance and helping the practitioners in the medical field as a guiding management tool. The end result is creating a healthy citizen 

The key proponents to this technology’s success involve the understanding that beside that it is an aiding guiding system; ExcelAGS is also a guiding management tool. This means that we finally can see what is in our body in a very un-invasive way without any harmful X-rays exposure. This means that now we are able to introduce a quality product to a fine healthy living.

ExcelAGS and Other Dignositic Devises

ExcelAGS is intended for use as an adjunct to other clinical diagnostic procedures in the diagnosis, quantifying, and screening of differences in skin surface temperature changes.

Shoudl you ignore all other medical diagnostic equipments and tools ?

A simple quick answer is ABSOLUTLY CATEGORICALLY NO!! Please refere to the Q&A sheet.

ExcelAGS - Sport Medicine 

ExcelAGS has been shown to be useful in aiding diagnosis and guiding management of foot injuries of sports injuries.  

ExcelAGS have also been used in studies of diabetic neuropathic feet, the detection of carpal tunnel syndrome, and in the monitoring of undesirable thermal proximity damage during surgical energized dissection and coagulation.  

ExcelAGS has been shown to be effective in assessing the depth of skin burns by measuring different skin temperatures created by varying states of perfusion. It is therefore be useful as a real time assessment tool examining changes in peripheral perfusion during the resuscitation of a shocked patient, giving a continuous recording of response to treatment.  

ExcelAGS is rapid, non-invasive, non-emitting and with improving technology becoming more user-friendly and more cost effective.  

ExcelAGS is a novel method for evaluating inflammatory arthritis activity and can study the hangs in cervical disc herniation.

ExcelAGS - Not just for human but also for animals  

Veterinary health care is growing in all the countries due to the culture and traditions of loving exotic animals. Our “ExcelAGS” for sure will be able to be the number one equipment to be able to understand what the animals are complaining from without operating on them. Horses are one of our main clients in the Veterans Clinics.   Animals don’t complain!!,do  but they suffer!! 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide your country with innovative, safe, efficient, non-invasive, cost effective, top-quality, stat-of-the-art Excel Aid Guiding Systems for a healthy society and to be the pioneers and leaders of this new field.