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Axes and objectives

Networks should be robust, fault tolerant, scalable, and open for:  Ensure connectivity and national needs of current and future users;  The interconnection of national networks with the networks of neighboring countries, through a national infrastructure integrated with the infrastructure sub-regional broadband streamlined;  Ensure the connection with submarine cables.

Specific Objectives

Meet the capacity needs of all users in different locations in the country by the establishment of a backbone of the transport of all types of signals; Ensure digital inclusion of the national territory;  Promote investment in the ICT sector;  Stimulate competition and encourage innovation which will result in the reduction of access costs and improving service quality to end customers;  Promote the emergence and development of new services or broadband applications in all sectors including government, commerce, health, education etc..  Strengthen sub-regional integration process




Management / Operation

Our company is capable of operating and enhancing Telecommunication network by helping to improve and simplify the end-to-end operations while reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction   XcelAtel offer a unique expertise, diagnostics, and models that help deliver to the end-user customer value proposition as well as identify and rationalize operational investments to improve margins and process efficiency. We are capable to deliver sustainable, significant value for our own organizations, business partners, and customers.

XcelAtel People

Our Telecom Operations group includes partner companies that have along history in Telecommunication Infrastructure and Management (Operation) and many professionals who have joined Excel and have brought direct, in-depth knowledge of management processes, operations systems, and telecom services to our clients.

XcelAtel tools and insights

Our ongoing investment in operations research includes diagnostics and proprietary benchmarks, overhead spending and operations, customer-care operations and end-to-end customer experience.   XcelAtel intensive training through modules and learning centers provide real time, hands on training to build the lean skills and capabilities of our Team members in a simulated production or business-unit environment.



In Brief

XcelAtel shall operate the network putting in its account that the current integration of the internet applications, telecommunication, and knowledge management has resulted in a new, unified approach to managing vertical market segment, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP, and health care, e-business, e-governance, tele-education, geomedicine. The unifying solution provides a platform that enables the integration of business operations, Business management, and business intelligent capabilities.