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Management and control of energy trading activities are rapidly becoming essential for corporate survival. Our experts at Excel International have strong backgrounds in crude oil, exploration technologies, securities and gas trading and are skilled in dealing with such issues as trade selection, execution, and settlement, as well as order management, reference data management, trade reconciliation, risk management, support services, and customer relationship management


OIL, GAS, AND PETROCHEMICALS In order to compete in the world market, oil and gas production and prospecting, as well as petrochemical manufacturing, requires integrated capabilities at many levels. Excel International has the capabilities and contacts in the necessary regions to supply a comprehensive range of products, systems and services, from onshore and offshore exploration technologies, procurement, engineering, management, refinery and distribution, to the design and supply of production facilities, refineries and petrochemical plants.   Plus, we will find other lucrative ways to diversify your business. Our agents will help put together business strategies designed to enhance existing assets by finding other avenues of income from the sale of crude oil.

Oil Refinery Development & Research

Excel International Consultants has the global connections to help you maneuver successfully in the oil industry. It is a market that is easily influenced by economic and political conditions. If a country is in a recession, fewer products are being manufactured, and fewer people drive to work, take vacations, etc. All of these variables factor into lower energy consumption by that country. Excel’s network of key contacts connect you to the right local agencies to help your company face these challenges and find workable solutions.   Research and development is the driving force behind technological innovation, business development and sustainable growth for any oil company. Excel International Consultants has the resources to help in the overall planning and implementation of research and development. We subcontract technology units as necessary to carry out new construction and facility improvements and resolve bottlenecks. This helps reduce operating costs and increase your revenues.  





Oil refinery development relies heavily on exploration research and services. Whether you need descemetitis research or consultation services for basin studies and reservoir modeling, Excel International Consultants has the connections to facilitate the process.   Our network of representatives around the world has the know-how to advance projects that face such complex issues as:  Geophysical exploration: The measurement and interpretation of the earth’s geomagnetic and gravitational fields to better understand geologic structure and lithology Drilling exploration Chemical analysis underground structure mapping Micro-Paleontology: the study of microscopic fossils and organisms. One of the most important applications of micropaleontology today is in oil exploration because petroleum is derived from decayed phytoplankton, microorganisms that live in the sea.


Excel has the capabilities to help your organization develop external resources that will maximize your profit from the sale of crude oil. In particular, plastics occupy a considerable portion of the petrochemical industry’s activities in many industrialized counties, and with our help, could bring valuable opportunities to your company. By diversifying, you will be developing new revenue streams. Networking with our research and development experts will facilitate the establishment of new products and processes for your company, while at the same time allowing you to exchange information with our knowledgeable professionals.  



Environment & safety

Excel International Consultants is committed to helping clients adhere to government environmental protection policies, as well as industrial safety standards. Our global network will put you in contact with agencies that are well versed in pollution rules and regulations and safety and risk management, so you can carry out successful protection strategies for your business abroad.