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Excel International Consultants (EIC)

Your Gateway to Excel’s wealth of international experience


In addition to the normal consultation services EIC offers, EIC has been established in 2011 to be the Consultant and/or the Business Development arm to Excel's group of companies.

EIC is the gateway to all businesses approaching any of Excel’s company or operations.  EIC is a global firm, comprised of consultants and research and information professionals. We serve a broad range of private, public, and social sector organizations. 

EIC offers a range of high quality advisory and support services to help start-ups, small, and middle market companies to successfully establish business operations in foreign markets.

We provide services to both public and private sector entities around the world. We partner with our clients to create and implement high-impact marketing and business development solutions that drive business growth and boost profits, Our goal is to ensure that all marketing and business growth development efforts are focused on activities that result in a significant return on investment.   We deliver a combination of value-added and high quality solutions to our clients that immediately result in profitability and long term sustainability.   Excel International Consultants brings professional expertise and personal commitment to all consulting projects to help you achieve your project goals.  

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Excel Water Technology (EWT)

The company’s unique vision allows it to predict the future by creating it. It was the potential water shortage crisis and its inevitable impact on all humanity that inspired us to create Aquasphere. Excel family is proud to achieve one of the highest levels in the USA trade and innovation. EWT is the pioneer of the Water Generators (generating pure potable water from the air) which again emphasize on healthy living for the entire human race. The Aquasphere systems taps into the natural water cycle using a device currently called the Water Extraction & Purification System (WEPSä). The Aquasphere units utilize WEPS technology and can be made in many sizes, producing from 20 liters to 3 million liters of pure drinking water per day.

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Excel Holdings (EHI)


Excel Holdings has been the company responsible of the Water Generators business beside other trade and investments business, however it is going through a total reorganization and its function shall only be the Holdings company of the Excel group of companies.

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Excel Cyber Telecommunication (ECT)


XcelAtel, Our Telecom Operations group includes partner companies that have along history in Telecommunication Infrastructure and Management/Operation. Many professionals who have joined Excel and have brought direct, in-depth knowledge of management processes, operations systems, and telecom services to our clients.

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Excel Water Systems (EWS)


Originally was the company engaged only in the 5 gallons per day water generator units, however it is going through a reorganization and shall be involved only on all conventional water systems other than the water generators.

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Excel Aid Guiding Systems (EAGS)


Excel Aid Guiding Systems "ExcelAGS" has been established as our brand for the sole purpose of providing the state-of-the-art tools to assist the medical field in discovering the unknown of our human body.

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Excel Renewable Energy (ERE)


Microbes, enzymes, and innovation are the platform of our product line, The “ExcelAgest”. We have the technological capabilities to research and develop the most comprehensive and cost-effective products for waste degradation, odor control, bioremediation, and agricultural development.

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Excel Energy and Petrochemicals (EEP)


OIL, GAS, AND PETROCHEMICALS, In order to compete in the world market, oil and gas production and prospecting, as well as petrochemical manufacturing, requires integrated capabilities at many levels. Excel Energy and Petrochemicals has the capabilities and contacts in the necessary regions to supply a comprehensive range of these products, systems and services.

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