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We are pleased to introduce a very small portion of our heritage; a heritage that has been build through endless hours of hard work; some days took a toll on us and some were for sure rewarding.

What you will be going through in this Heritage page is just a glimps of the rewarding moments that shaped us to create Excel and what she grow up to be.

We would love to present more of these rewarding days through out the last 27 years, however we feel that our journey did not end yet nor it will ever, thus the best way to win and continue winning the fight is to never feel that you are already a winner.

Our goals and missions is still far from being reached and achieved so one way to reach it is to look forward and never look backwards even if the past is as rosy as it has been.

For now, we would like to close this paragraph with Excel’s Founder, Mr. Hisham Fawzi, quote: