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Over the past fifty years, the size of the world economy has exploded and the volume of international trade with it. Whether it is oil production or refinery development, commodities trading, finance, marketing or logistics, Excel International's expertise in foreign trade can help businesses, large and small, take advantage of profitable opportunities in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

How We Work

When Excel's management visits a country on a business development trip, we connect with the most influential people in the country's commercial, political, and financial worlds. We then tailor our business strategies to the dynamics of each country's unique cultural heritage and regional resources. We monitor and evaluate business trends and developments in various countries to help us determine how and when we do business.



Teaming with Excel International means you are assured a partner that will work diligently so you have all the resources, be they financial, technological, developmental or managerial, to help you achieve your goals. And at Excel International we also realize trade and development extend beyond order fulfillment. Clients deserve superior personal service and trading support. With Excel International you'll get that and more.

Systems integration

Construction, Procurement and Management of various refinery and manufacturing facilities for the processing or creation of commodities requires complex planning and development.  Excel International has the global connections to help you maneuver successfully in many crucial mining, petrochemical and food refineries and mills. We bring the right resources together with capable, well-educated and experienced teams to deliver quality projects. Longer term programs need guidance and the critical influence of responsible leadership. We determine the appropriate blend of management and service capabilities to provide successful project integration. With Excel International, projects are assured of goal achievement and a positive cash flow.

Full Service Trading company

We help to facilitate and often clear the way for successful business arrangements and transactions in over 100 countries around the world. Our network of financial support extends into key financial institutions and research verification companies with offices around the globe. We provide all the logistical support needed to navigate the often complex range of related issues, such as letters of credit, tax cred­ its, customs, tariffs and duties, and provide our partners and clients with effective solutions to their most challenging transportation, financing, insurance and logistical needs.


Foreign Trade

Excel International maintains a worldwide network of partners to provide services tailored to each and every client.  We specialize in foreign trade of major commodities such as petroleum, sugar, spices, steel, scrap metal and much more.  With our financial tools, resources and knowledge of government protocol, Excel can help buy and sell as a principal in commodities exchanges with companies around the globe.  We have key people in different parts of the world who are able to bring buyers and sellers together to achieve the most profitable results.

Quality Assistance

As a borderless trade world continues to develop, Excel International helps many clients with growth in what would otherwise be effectively closed markets.  With over twenty-nine years of experience in the movement of commodities such as chemicals, building materials, food, machinery and more, Excel have forged significant respect in the foreign trade arena. Many businesses worldwide have come to know the intellectual caliber of Excel's negotiations and multi­ national expertise.


Today's business operates within a new high tech global economy. At Excel International, we are experts at finding and sourcing buyers and sellers.  Our worldwide consulting services through our subsidiary, Excel International Consultants, help you in crafting a vision for your organization and then providing a specific business and technology framework that will make that vision a reality.  As a full service trading company we help to facilitate and clear the way for successful business arrangements and transactions in countries around the world; always with one goal in mind to develop and maintain ever more profitable revenue streams and sources of income for your company.


Joint Venture & Partnerships

We strive to be involved in the right industrial project around the globe either through our own Excel subsidiaries and/or divisions or through joint ventures and partnering with third parties/entities. Some of these industrial projects are building material plants such as ready concrete, Cement, brick, and ceramic to Iron and steel plants, water bottling, agricultural processing project, and much more. As long as the project presented meets or our criteria, we study and we take the right decision.

Oil Production

Navigating today's world market requires a strong global partner. And only Excel International has the connections and capabilities necessary to supply a comprehensive range of products, systems and services.  From onshore and offshore exploration to the design and supply of production facilities, Excel is continuously searching for ways to diversify your business. Our agents will act as a bridge   between you and the global economy, putting together business strategies designed to enhance existing assets and seek out additional sources of revenue.



Refinery Development

For any oil company, research and development is the driving force behind technological innovation business development and sustainable growth levels.  Excel International's network of key contacts connect you to the right local agencies to help your company face these challenges and find workable solutions for them.  In a market easily influenced by current economic and political conditions, Excel acts as your ambassador and advisor.

Legal Issues

The key feature of an international sales transaction is the fact that it crosses international borders, with each country having distinct legal systems and trade laws. We help businesses get through these complicated legal issues, find out what their respective rights and obligations are, and assist in finding remedies.

Moving a World of Goods to Markets around the World

Excel's emphasis is the movement of all of the following into the world trading market:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Waste Management
  • Health Equipment
  • Commodities (others)
  • Crude Oil Services
  • Water Generators
  • Water Systems (others)
  • Chemicals
  • Lumber
  • Iron and Iron Ore
  • Copper
  • Machinery
  • Sugar
  • Scrap Metal
  • Food Products
  • Agriculture Products
  • Beef & Poultry


Our Mission

Businesses in today's global market need partners who can talk about strategy, finance and technology in the same conversation. At Excel Interna­tional, we are experts at finding and sourcing buyers and sellers. Our cross-industry, cross-world consulting services help you craft a vision for your organization and then provide a specific practical business and technology framework that will make that vision a reality.

A realistic and unique approach to the promotion of world business


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