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Introducing WEPS technology since 1997

Based in the United States, Excel Water Technology, Inc., (EWT) has been established to market Aquasphere® equipment around the world.

For many years, countries and companies around the world have been spending billions of dollars annually in search of pure water to supply the ever-increasing world demand for drinking water. The global move toward industrialization and urbanization has contributed to the pollution and contamination of many of the available fresh water sources. This continuous pollution and contamination have rendered many of the available water sources unfit for human consumption. Therefore, man-made systems have been developed that re-purify the water that has been contaminated.  Furthermore and out of desperation, many countries around the world have now resorted to re-purifying sewage and wastewater to deliver as drinking water to their populations.

Drinking water that is pure, clean, free of chemicals and contaminants are in scarce supply in many regions of the world.  Many conventional sources are polluted, for example, water from desalination plants is often of poor quality and taste, and chlorinated water, accepted as viable solution in many countries, can contain carcinogens and other pollutants that have harmful long-term effects. Drinking water is an increasingly critical issue for the world’s population.

In 1997, Hisham Fawzi, the President of Excel Holdings Inc. (EHI) realized that there was an opportunity to aid in solving the current international drinking water crisis. Through EHI’s wholly owned division and subsidiary, Excel Water Systems (EWS) and Excel Water Technology (EWT), Excel has developed the Water Extraction & Purification System (WEPS™) Technology being used in Aquasphere™ The Water Generator capable of producing water quantities from 20 to 3,000,000 liters per day. And more; Manufacturing of the Aquasphere series is on a specialized custom-ordering basis.

Excel Water Technologies introduced a new water production technology that is being offered to the world – a technology that does not draw from contaminated or impure water sources; a technology that is environmentally friendly and pollution free; a technology that delivers pure water free of harmful chemicals; a technology that produces healthy and safe drinking water at a fraction of the cost of buying packaged or bottled water; a technology that can be utilized in virtually any array of applications; and a technology that produces an unlimited supply of water without utilizing  any traditional source of water.

The key proponents to this technology’s success involve three main variables that must be in perfect harmony in order to generate a viable drinking water product: quantity of water produced, quality of water produced, and total cost of water production.  This critical milestone has been achieved through our nineteen (19) years of Research and Development, Marketing, and Sales efforts, and we are now strategically poised to exploit this technology worldwide through a series of customer-focused products. Thus maintaining our leadership position in this novel industry.

AQUASPHERE® Bottling Facility, ABF, shall be the catalyst in bringing this water technology to the worldwide consumer.


AQUASPHERE® water is the highest quality water yet selling with a fraction of the low-end quality water!!

Excel’s Mission

Our mission is to provide the world with innovative, safe, efficient, cost effective, top-quality water generating units that produce pure drinking water free of harmful chemicals, to help in solving the world's drinking water shortage crisis and to improve the health and quality to its Citizens.   Simply stated, our mission is to have our product lines become: