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Comparison between Aquasphere® and the RO system

Aquasphere® System: Reverse Osmosis systems:
No conventional water source Seawater is a must or any other municipal water
Contains 20 PPM of TDS and can be completely 0 PPM of TDS Level of 350 PPM of TDS is the minimum that this system can not remove. (1% of the 35,000 PPM of TDS)
No need for pre-construction Require pumping stations before and after the system. Also need a beach well for better performance
Expected life of any model is 15 years Life expected 2 -3 years only
No effect in its major components; does not require seawater to go throughout its components Major effect on all the system when allowing the seawater to pass through its components, thus reducing the life expectation for the membranes
Provide national security by securing the 2nd most important element for human being Will not work if seawater got contaminated by actions of wars or a simple oil spill due to accidents in the oil industry. It requires 35,000 PPM of TDS only, if higher it will not work efficiently
Environmentally friendly Have long term side effect in the form of its waste
Its water test results proven that it does not contain any organic nor inorganic chemicals Can not remove organic chemicals; need additional costly options to be able to remove them
No need in wasting any input quantity of water to produce its output water Between 2 - 20 gallons of water being wasted to produce just 1 gallon. In case of Municipal water as its main source, this means much more cost per gallon than it is advertise for
Fixed price and minimal replacement parts cost Is expensive when fully installed with all the right options. Plus it has hidden operating costs
Can be placed close to the end-user location thus reducing the capital needed in installing and maintaining a complex water pipe network Have to be close to seashore and in most cases far from the end-user location
Is valuable for remote areas that can not be lived in due to lack of water Can not fulfill the needs of remote area except with major capital investments
Can be installed on industrial project by project bases thus reducing the pressure on the municipal water If installed on a project by project bases, it means that it will be using municipal water; thus increasing the pressure on the main country’s water supply network



Comparison between Aquasphere® and the RO system


WaterFinder™ Water System Bottled Water
WaterFinder™’s water is more refreshing because water is produced when you need it Bottled water is processed days, weeks or even months before you start drinking it
WaterFinder™ water is delicious tasting, chemical free and odor free Bottled water sometimes tastes musty or stale and includes some chemicals for preservation
The WaterFinder™unit is conveniently located in the location of your choice Bottled water units must be located near unused bottle storage to avoid excess strain when transporting the heavy bottles
The WaterFinder™ drinking system requires no storage space for bottles Bottled water requires valuable storage space for both full and empty bottles
There is no physical effort or strain when using the WaterFinder™ water system Bottled water requires the strain of changing the 5 gallon bottles, which may cause injury
The WaterFinder™ water system provides an uncontaminated chemical free continuous supply of delicious water at your fingertips Bottled water can be purchased in set sizes and set limits causing consumers to ration the use of bottled water
WaterFinder™ water is healthy, it is laboratory tested and is free of any contaminants The bottled water industry is not regulated by any specific standards or requirements
The WaterFinder™ water system needs no water source Bottled water uses existing water sources which may be contaminated, and chemicals must be added to remove any contaminants

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