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  • AS5 and AS10 Series
  • AQC and AQC Mobile Series
  • AQM Series

AS5 Series

For use in households, offices, government buildings, industrial complexes, hotels and more.

• 19 Liters Per Day (5 gallons per day)
• Water cost can be as low as US $0.06 per liter

AQC Series

AQC Series - Basic Operation

The unit draws in ambient air, which passes through an air filtration system to remove any contaminants. The filtered air then passes through the state-of-the-art water extraction system, which efficiently removes moisture. The collected water is then sent through a multi-step water filtration and purification process. The result is contaminant-free and bacteria-free drinking water.

AQC Series - Potential Use

AQC Home. Developed for home use, rooftop or, ground mounted. Used to supply entire household with sufficient quantities of pure drinking water for everyday use.

AQC Buildings. Engineered to supply commercial buildings, schools, compounds, hospitals, dormitories, industrial and manufacturing facilities.

AQC Government. Designed and developed for certain government applications, including, but not limited to, government offices, emergency relief, small villages, remote areas, and special agricultural projects.

AQC Truck-Mounted/Mobile. Designed specifically for mobile applications, eliminating the need to transport water.

AQC Food & Beverage Industry. Specially designed to supply pure water for the food and beverage industry.

AQC Air Conditioning Combination. These units will supply pure drinking water while providing air conditioning for the required space. Combining these two technologies will help reduce air conditioning costs.

AQC Ships & Marine Vessels. The Aquasphere® system can be installed on sea vessels, eliminating the need to carry water, which reduces the vessel’s efficiency.

AQC Bottling. A custom-built Aquasphere® system can supply a bottled water facility with pure water for packaging. The stability and continued growth of these market segments are assured and we will offer products that fulfill their needs for reliability and dependability.

AQM Series

AQM Series - Basic Operation

Designed for mobile operations, emergency relief and military use. The AQM series units are designed according to U.S. military specifications and can operate under much less humid levels (RH 10%).

AQM Series - Potential Uses

When a government deploys military forces or sends troops into a remote area, all necessary items required to keep the troops alive must be provided. The most important of these items, the most basic to human survival, is water. A clean source of drinking water is often the most important factor when troops decide where to camp. If there is no source of potable water, troops are forced to purify and filter unclean contaminated water from nearby streams. In many locations, there is no water source at all, in which case drinking water must be transported at great cost and expense of time. EWT's AQM 250 unit alleviates the need for any of these operations, providing up to 950 liters of chemical-free drinking water per day without a traditional water source.

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