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Aquasphere Benefits to the consumer:

  • Dependability
  • Convenience
  • Purity
  • Freedom from reliance on traditional water sources
  • Cost effective.
  • Get the facts about Aquasphere®

Aquasphere® is especially suited for warm and humid regions, and can operate in a wide variety of applications:

  • Military field operations
  • Commercial and government office buildings
  • Relief organizations.

Aquasphere Cycle




The Source

Approximately .000012% of the earth’s 344 million cubic miles of water is in the atmosphere at any given time. That is 4,000 cubic miles of water in vapor form. Nature continuously recycles this water through precipitation and evaporation.

“Rainwater eventually evaporates and rises to form clouds that release new rains. Humankind has yet to perfect its own management of this essential liquid asset." (National Geographic).

The Technology

Excel has patented a method that taps into this natural water cycle using the Water Extraction & Purification System (WEPS™) technology, to which it has pending patents. Aquasphere® units utilize WEPS™ technology and can be made in many sizes, producing from twenty to 3 million liters of pure drinking water per day. Excel has developed, with patented technology, a new and inexhaustible source of safe, chemical-free, healthy drinking water. The applications of the Aquasphere® system are universal and, literally, endless.

The Water Quality

The Aquasphere® system produces distilled water that is free of chemicals and contaminants. Refer to the Water Information Resources for the water laboratory test results that were performed by National Testing Laboratory, Ltd. (NTL), the nation’s largest private laboratory specializing in the analysis of drinking water. NTL maintains a network of three certified laboratories in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Meadville, Pennsylvania. NTL is certified in more than 30 states and performs analytical services for various customers worldwide according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) methods and standards. It also meets the testing requirements of the International Bottled Water Association.

Basic Operation

The unit draws in ambient air, which passes through a filtration system to remove any contaminants. The filtered air then passes through the state-of-the-art water extraction system, which efficiently removes the moisture. The collected water is then sent through a multi-step water filtration and purification process. The result is contaminant-free and bacteria-free drinking water.

The Benefits

No Water Source: Aquasphere units require no traditional water source. This unique characteristic is not found in any other water-related technology. The Aquasphere product line is the first such water production system in the world.

Chemical-Free Water: The Aquasphere system produces chemical-free water, avoiding the milky-white color or even yellow tint sometimes caused by chemical reactions. No chemicals are needed to purify the water.

Endless Water Supply: Combine a power source with the relative humidity level and temperature that are within the operating parameters, and you will have an endless supply of pure drinking water.

Contaminant-Free Water: With the air and water filtration techniques we use, our unit is able to eliminate all types of particulate or gaseous matter, filtering out any contaminants.

Healthy Water: No chemical additives - such as chlorine, a common additive in both bottled and municipal water supplies - are needed. Therefore, the Aquasphere water you drink contains no chlorine by products, such as Tri-halomethanes, which are known carcinogens (cancer-causing agents).

Versatile Water Supply: The Aquasphere system can be placed in a home, office, on top of a building, on a truck, or on a ship. It is infinitely adaptable.

Easy Installation: The Aquasphere system is very easy to set up. Just place the unit in the desired location, connect it to a power source, and turn it on. No plumbing is needed.

Easy to Operate: Aquasphere units are very user-friendly and simple to maintain. There are no difficult technical procedures to follow, just simple periodic filter replacement and cleaning.

Municipal Water Supplies: Providing your own water with Aquasphere will reduce the demand for water from municipal plants. This should allow the plants to extend their reach and offer water to more rural areas.

Self-Management: Even the larger Aquasphere™ units do not require a full operation management team. They can be operated with ease by almost anyone.

Tastes Natural, Tastes Better: People who have tasted water from around the world confirm that water produced by Aquasphere units has a very natural taste.

Lower Air Conditioning Costs: By reducing the humidity in the air, the amount of power used to cool the same room or building is dramatically reduced.

Standardized Water Quality: Beverage companies with production plants worldwide will be able to standardize the quality of the water they use by utilizing Aquasphere. The taste of their final product will remain consistent throughout the world.

Odor-Free Water: No-chemicals mean free of any undesirable odors.

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Potential Uses

Home. Developed for home use, rooftop or, ground mounted. Used to supply entire household with sufficient quantities of pure drinking water for everyday use.

Commercial Buildings. Engineered to supply commercial buildings such as schools, compounds, hospitals, dormitories, industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Government. Designed and developed for certain government applications, including, but not limited to, government offices, emergency relief, small villages, remote areas, special agricultural projects, and defense operations.

Truck-Mounted/Mobile. Designed specifically for mobile applications, eliminating the need to transport water.

Food & Beverage Industry. Specially designed to supply pure water for the food and beverage industry.

Air Conditioning Combination. These units will supply pure drinking water while providing air conditioning for the required space. Combining these two technologies will help reduce air conditioning costs.

Ships & Marine Vessels. The Aquasphere® system can be installed on sea vessels, eliminating the need to carry water, which will increase the vessel’s efficiency.

Bottling. A custom-built Aquasphere® system can supply a bottled water facility with pure water for packaging. The stability and continued growth of these market segments are assured and we will offer products that fulfill their needs for reliability and dependability.

Cost of Aquasphere Water Produced

Water cost can be as low as US $0.03 per liter; and in some cases it goes to $0.01 per litter


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