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Excel's principal business philosophy has been, and continues to be, the establishment of a synergistic network of enterprising international partners and affiliates. The Company continuously adds new affiliates to its multinational network, and the management of Excel has traveled the world to classify and designate its core of sophisticated and motivated global representatives.

Excel is a leading international trade, business development, consulting, marketing, investment, and industrial group.

With integrity and inventiveness, we are customer-driven, and service-oriented. These qualities continually drive Excel to achieve greater success throughout almost 30 years of history (Established 1990).

Together with our subsidiaries, affiliates, divisions, and team members, Excel is at the forefront of introducing innovative goods and services to a multitude of countries around the world. 

A Strategic Player in a Business World without Borders

We continue to lead the way in offering revolutionary products and systems that have made significant positive impacts in their respective industries.  We will continue to provide the best quality products that are ranked at the top of our respective markets.

Our operations always remain efficient and adhere to the highest levels of quality. As we continue to expand our operations with excellent partners, surely they too will achieve solid growth as well as long-term success.

Excel family is proud to achieve one of the highest levels in USA trade and innovation. Excel’s family has been acknowledged by no less than the President of the USA and awarded “Export achievement Certificate” for small and medium size companies and “Asia Now” award for facilitating the trade between USA and Singapore and for its effort locally and globally.